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A loft-like hybrid studio for creators and curators located at a warehouse in Dhan Mills, New Delhi. 

Work (away)

from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of lives and businesses. At a time like this, our local design community could benefit immensely from motivating, ideating and collaborating with each other.


To keep the spirit of creation, collaboration and conversation alive along with all the safety standards, us at AGENC CoLab are opening up our doors to thought leaders in the field of art, music, fashion, food, fitness and design for FREE* for the last month of 2020.

* Limited Time Offer.


About Us

CoLab is a Membership based hybrid studio within South Delhi's evolving Dhan Mills complex for a community that connects its members to a world beyond the four walls of business.

With a New York loft like aesthetic, CoLab acts as AGENC’s offline arm in driving creative collaboration and artistic expression by offering like minded professionals an alternative space to work from and showcase their ideas at.


At CoLab, we also curate professional development programs, design, music, events and

immersive experiences that aim to inspire a generation of creatives. What makes us hybrid in nature is that our space combines the aspects of a co-working space with that of a designer studio. Our open space layout, photo studio, meeting rooms & ideation lounge makes us a great space for creators and curators alike.

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High Ceilings

& Natural Light

In addition to being an inspiring & collaborative environment, our studio comes with a Dressing Room, Optional Natural Light, High Ceilings, Kitchenette, 2 Racks, Bathrooms, AC, Heating, Gen Set and a great Music System to set the vibe. Our furniture at the space can be used as props or shifted upon request. We are also pet friendly!



Free High Speed Internet

Cafes &


Event Hosting*

Access to Music


Access to Coworking*

TV &




Photo Studio


Access to

Meeting Rooms*

* Subject to availability

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Our community is creative, inspired and motivated. It is an ecosystem of our generation’s creatives across multiple disciplines. At CoLab, we provide our members the opportunity to make meaningful connections to inspire their work.


Our Pricing


Full access to the space from Monday-Friday for 1-Day.

₹ 500*


Full access to the space on Saturday–Sunday.

₹ 1500*


Full access to the space for

5-Days, 15-Days.

₹ 2,200*, ₹ 7,200*


Full monthly access to the space

during operational hours.

₹ 8,000*, 

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